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  At Kids’ Haven IFH, we are committed in partnering with parents in providing a temporary placement in a home setting where families and kids can take a brief break from one another. When your child is with us, it is our goal to provide him/her with a warm and calm environment without a lot of demands. We provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment where children are allowed to express themselves through art, dance, music, design, or play. We seek opportunities available on a daily basis to teach, encourage, and stimulate the successful development of each child’s unique abilities and personality. The children and adolescents in our care range between the ages of 6 through 17 and may be diagnosed with a behavior, emotional, mental health, or intellectual development disorders as listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Often times, depending on the child’s needs, the child-placing agencies connect individuals to services within the community to best support the overall wellness of the child.  

Why We Do It

  We’ve been providing respite services to families since October 2015. And the question parents and caregivers consistently ask is, “Why do we do it?” Our family received respite for the first time when we relocated to Texas. Our family was in “crisis” daily. The tantrums were frequent and ugly. I had to leave my career to care for our child. The first few times I left our son with a respite provider I kept waiting for a text or phone call to come pick up son. Once my provider earned my trust, then my husband and I were able to plan and enjoy our “time out.” Our spirit was renewed and re-energized. And our son enjoyed his break away from us. So much so, he often didn’t like having to leave his respite provider. It doesn’t matter if your child is going through difficult times, or if he/she is special needs. Families and caregivers need a break from the battlefield to take a time out to re-energize or reunite with other family members. Although the road we travel can be challenging, we wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. God has taught us, stretched us, and blessed us on this journey. When you choose us to be your respite provider, we will guide and care for your child as if he/she were our own. 

Our Philosophy

  God didn’t make a mistake when he placed our adopted son into our care. Nor did He promise it would be an easy road to travel. But when a village works together teaching and guiding a child struggling to understand their circumstances, or to be able to comprehend the world around him, miracles do happen.


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