“My girls have been going to crisis respite home and they been going there on single and multiple days. Respite has really helped my girls and I'm glad they are such in good hands with Janice & Steve. I am very happy they offer respite that is so close to home and I know my kids are in a safe environment, truly blessed.”   Michelle H.  

“Thank you very much for being a place we can take our boys when we need time to relax and not worry about them. We know that they are safe and well cared for. The Koon's have the structure and experience to handle our special boys.”  Daniel M.    

  “I’d be so lost without respite. I know my 9-year special needs daughter is in good hands since as-soon-as I sign her in she’s pushing me out the door and telling me to “leave.” What I love about the Koon’s is receiving the stories and pictures of the different things my daughter does while she’s away from home. She has gone on field trips like the zoo or Main Event and they frequently take her to the different community parks. Because I trust the Koon’s with my daughter’s life, I’m able to get the much needed rest and recreation when she’s in respite. We love you guys!”  Nadene J.